Recommended Diversity Action Plan Programme for Accelerators and VC's

STEP 1:  D&I Audit

We believe that to achieve success, people need to be taken on a journey of exploration; to ‘see’ things as they currently are, the good and bad - to consider the part everyone has to play in developing the right kind of inclusive culture and the practical ways to help achieve it. 

What's included:

  • D&I audit report

  • Focus groups

  • Stakeholder surveys

STEP 2:  Learn:  D&I Workshops


We believe a combination of practical and theoretical education creates a long-lasting experience. Understanding inclusion is critical to promoting diversity. With this, we explore how, as individuals, how one can personally expand Inclusion in both our work and community.

What's included:

  • Introduction to D&I workshop

  • Leadership and allyship workshop

  • Inclusive recruitment workshop

STEP 3:  D&I Strategy and Activities

We support you in understanding which metrics are important to you and implementing this against measurable outcomes. In addition, we curate office hours to connect you to diverse founders or talent. Our office hours are a great way to diversify your pipeline and reach.

What's included:

  • ​12-month D&I strategy

  • Office hours with diverse founders or talent


Supporting accelerators and VC's champion diveristy

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