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We deliver thoughtful, measurable, and practical diversity and inclusion workshops, designed to create change.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

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Start with the fundamentals

Diversity and  Inclusion

Learn about the fundamentals of diversity inclusion, and unconscious bias with practical examples and plans.

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The UK’s first incubator for BAME women

Educate your leadership team

Leadership and Allyship

Empower your leadership team to become active allies, Explore examples of how to be an impactful leader, and foster and inclusion.

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The UK’s first incubator for BAME women

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Attract and hire diverse talent

Inclusive Recruitment

Discuss the foundations to inclusive recruitment, learn how to adopt fair hiring practices and diversify your pipeline.

 Innovate with us 

The UK’s first incubator for BAME women



Whether you’re a founder, an organisation, or a supporter, we invite you to, join a community of changemakers, who are committed to campaigning against the exclusion of diverse communities within the startup ecosystem.


Through our Advocates programme, you'll receive resources, and training on diversity and inclusion, as well as opportunities to take part in campaigns and take action


Advocates Programme for Allies


We deliver thoughtful, measurable and practical Diversity Action Plans - focussed on both implementation and impact being owned by the whole organisation.

Our Diversity Action Plans seek to formalise accelerators and VC's commitment to being an inclusive organisation that values and reflects the diversity of the community they are looking to serve.

Diversity Action Plan Programme for Accelerators and VC's


How can we help?

Want to learn more about our approach and how we can help your organisation foster diversity and inclusion, contact us and to find out more, with our friendly and approachable team.


To help you get started

Explore our range of community curated resources to support you in taking the first step towards fostering diversity and inclusion

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Diversity Data Help Centre

A community-sourced library of resources to support organisations collect diversity data of their employees or founders. 

by: YSYS Advocates Community

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Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Canvas

Our Diversity and Inclusion Action
Plans Canvas, is a tool to support
mission-driven organisations create and co-design their D&I strategy.

by: YSYS Team

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