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YSYS Advocates Community


By joining us you will  receive:

1) Bi-weekly newsletters: jam-packed with news, resources, industry statistics, and case studies about companies that are fostering diversity inclusion, from their approach to the ethnic pay gap to diversity data collection.

3) Quartley diversity training: you'll be exclusively invited to our diversity and inclusion training sessions, exploring unconscious bias, allyship, privilege, and anti-racism. 

3) Campaign opportunities: you'll be presented with opportunities to attend advocacy roundtables and contribute to campaigns supporting underrepresented communities.

Diversity isn’t about good intentions it's about action.

The UK startup ecosystem needs to do more to support diverse communities; fewer than 24% of VCs are from ethnic backgrounds, only 1p of every pound invested goes to female founders and over 48% of diverse founders are ineligible for government grants. We are miles behind progress.


We believe in advocating on behalf of diverse communities to ensure their voices are heard, by creating campaigns that influence policies and change narratives where it matters the most. By telling the powerful stories of the community we support, we mobilise allies across the UK to create impactful change from the bottom up.

With YSYS Advocates Programme we are helping our allies take action and create opportunities for overlooked groups. Whether you’re a founder, an organisation or a supporter, we invite you to join us on this mission.


Taking action with individuals who care  

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Know Your Data: A call to action for startups and VC’s to collect diversity data

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The Future Fund is not for diverse founders — but here’s how to change that 

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