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How FFWD,  pre-accelerator, diversified their pipeline







FFWD wanted to diversify the pipeline of startups and mentors for their flagship programme

FFWD is the leading pre-accelerator programme for early-stage startups in the UK. To stay competitive, they wanted to diversify their pipeline for startup founders and mentors.

We helped FFWD recreate their diversity and inclusion strategy in three ways

Through workshops, business advisory and mentoring, we gathered industry experts to share best practices for increasing diversity within FFWD programme. We helped FFWD codify their learnings with a revised new communications approach and recruitment strategy.

As a result, 50% of applicants came from diverse backgrounds

FFWD also achieved the following with our support:

  • 22 mentors out of 30 from the same cohort came from diverse backgrounds

  • 24 out of 107 applicants were accepted onto the programme

  • 50% of founders accepted came from diverse backgrounds 

  • 70% of these founders were advanced to later-stage accelerators and support programmes



Discover untapped talent for your startup or accelerator with YSYS

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Katie Lewis

Programme Director

Working with YSYS has enabled us to engage with a more diverse ecosystem of founders, experts, mentors and investors in a genuine and trusted manner. We have always found the team to be very professional and efficient and look forward to building on the relationships we have made this year for the future.


Together I truly believe we can make a huge impact and importantly deliver value to founders of diverse backgrounds and help them build sustainable and successful companies​.


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