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Looking to connect to a community of diverse talent, from founders to investors, developers to community builders? Our community is for you, whether you work in tech or have a startup, join our leading YSYS community where diversity is at the heart.

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"Having a tribe with you on your journey gives you confidence and experience you can tap into at any time. As I transitioned from big banking companies to smaller teams I was able to be more impactful and work with great engineers and designers to build innovative products.  YSYS is an example of what having a good culture can create."  


James Ojo,  Data Analyst


Your Startup, Your Story is a startup community for founders, developers, creatives, investors and more on a mission to make a difference. Our purpose is to equip diverse talent with the tools and resources to thrive within the startup ecosystem so that they can contribute to an equitable economy, which welcomes all individuals to participate.

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