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From job opportunities to D&I support, we're your holistic Talent Partner

YSYS was built with the belief that when you get diverse, mission-driven people in a room together amazing things happen.

Fruitful relationships, partnerships, and conversations are cultivated, creating a domino effect which pushes innovation forward, and globally there are few spaces as primed for this kind of social change as the world of tech and startups. The sector is growing three times faster than the UK economy as a whole, which means that the upside of ensuring that the people in the room reflect our diverse society is extremely powerful, but this also the need to get things right is more pressing than ever.


Encouragingly, if 2020 taught YSYS anything as an organisation, it is that there is an appetite for change when it comes to inequality in the tech sector - but deploying practical actions to create access sooner rather than later is what drives our #YSYS2023 Mission.

We strongly reject - as does the established data - the idea that there is a “pipeline problem” in tech. There are biases in recruitment processes; issues with retaining employees; and glaring barriers to leadership progression, but we know that a supply of talent is not lacking because it is this talent that makes up our community. 

One of our multiple efforts to match underrepresented talent with exciting opportunities in tech was the launch of our TalentDoor Jobs Board, which has been used by the likes of Bumble, CharlieHR, Hopin, Seedrs, and many more, to diversify their recruitment reach. To date we have had over 500 + job postings on our platform, and incredible success from our community and clients due to four contributing factors:

1) Employers that advertise their roles on the TalentDoor Jobs Board signal that they prioritise diversity and inclusivity in their recruitment by meeting the community where they are. We take this a step further by promoting job posts via our social media and newsletter campaigns. Simply put, proactiveness and genuine enthusiasm from employers is reciprocated by candidates


“...Seeing that this role was posted directly by the hirer made me feel that this is an employer that is serious about inclusivity. I messaged the team to find out more about the role and was so pleased to learn it was exactly the type of role I was looking for. They even offered to speak to me about the role in person. I applied and was over the moon to be accepted. Huge shout out to the YSYS community, it's where the magic happens. 

  • Muhammad Malik, Incubation Manager at NBS Ventures

“Searching for a job is a job itself - and can be stressful, especially graduating into a pandemic, a recession and lockdown, like I did. However, the TalentDoor jobs board was a great place to start! I applied for a few opportunities on the board and managed to secure a role with a company I applied for through the platform.” 

  • Sawada Onanuga, Software Engineer at Impala

2) Secondly, the most active talent in our community are often tapped into our wider network and activities of career and skills development, making them strong, well-rounded candidates. For example, cohorts from our Creativity Works: Digital Product Design and The Future Software Developer Now Programmes have been hired in 6 paid positions since graduating, including the likes of Lego, HERO, Sparck, Yoti and Cerebriam Studio. The quality of the talent in our community is echoed by our partners.

YSYS-101334 (1).jpg

3) Equally, our D&I training aims to promote good HR practice within our TalentDoor Partners’ teams that goes beyond a diverse pipeline and truly incorporates a cultural change that embodies inclusivity in the company and the retention of its employees.

ysys google-104926.JPG

“The applicants we got through YSYS were in another league - so much talent. A good chunk of our shortlist were YSYS and we made a fantastic hire for our digital marketing assistant. We're about to hire 5 more, so will definitely be advertising on the YSYS jobs board again soon!”

  • Nat Whalley, Co-founder and CEO of Organise


If you are actively recruiting for a role and want visibility from a diverse pool of talent you can post your first job listing in our TalentDoor Jobs Board in a matter of minutes. To explore options for a more comprehensive partnership please contact

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