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How EIT Food reached  diverse entrepreneurs with YSYS






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EIT Food wanted to find high-potential, diverse entrepreneurs for their startups

EIT Food is a global initiative dedicated to innovating in the food and health ecosystem. They needed to diversify their entrepreneur pipeline to include more women and people from BAME backgrounds, and that’s where we got involved. YSYS launched their Changemakers Programme

With the help of YSYS, EIT Food launched the Changemakers Programme. The programme included a startup weekend and meetups which connected high-potential talent with EIT startups. Participants were encouraged to join startup teams and apply for a £10,000 grant. 


This was supported by a digital campaign that included a promotional video and branded hashtag: #TheChangemakerProgramme.

As a result, the EIT community grew by 247 people and confidence increased by x4

The Changemakers Programme helped diverse people to see themselves working in the health industry, despite historically low representation. Through the programme, we were able to:


  • Attract 167 applicants to join the programme 

  • Directly upskill 50 individuals with skills in from coding to pitching

  • Add 247 diverse individuals to the wider agri-tech community, of which 62% BAME individuals and 74% women

  • Generate 6,300 impressions online via #TheChangeMaker hashtag

  • Increase cohort confidence by 4x after the programme, compared to before, based on attendee surveys.



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 Lukxmi Balathasan

Business Creation Manager 

It was amazing to see the work that emerges when different communities come together to design and deliver a project.  We delivered a unique programme with all of our perspectives embedded – diversity in action. We would not have achieved what we had if we had gone it alone. 


I am also proud of the fact that we were able to bring together a community of diverse innovators who may not have never met if it were not for the Change Makers Programme. Strong solutions emerged over the starts weekend and I look forward to seeing how the ideas evolve over the next 12 months.


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