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Be the change you want to see

We deliver thoughtful, measurable, and practical diversity and inclusion workshops, designed to create change.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

 Innovate with us 

The UK’s first incubator for BAME women

 Innovate with us 

The UK’s first incubator for BAME women

 Innovate with us 

The UK’s first incubator for BAME women

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We deliver thoughtful, interactive, and practical  Diversity and Inclusion Workshops - for startups, VCs, accelerators, and growth tech companies. 

Rather than approaching one-off diversity and inclusion topics as isolated academic concepts, our Diversity and Inclusion Workshops teach individuals how to think about diversity and inclusion issues using social justice frameworks: access, equity, rights, and participation.​


During our workshops: 

  1. Employees will discover the different kinds of diversity in the workplace (culture, race, religion,  ages, gender, sexual orientation, and disability), how it shapes the way you experience the world, what it means to bring your whole self to work

  2. Employees will learn about the difference between diversity, inclusion and equity, and how one cannot come without the other.

  3. Employees will build their own Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, based and where they are in the diversity and inclusion journey and what they have learned.

  4. Keywords: identity, privilege, power, intersectionality, diversity, inclusion racism, equity, racism, unconscious biases, and discrimination.

Price: £3500

Location: Zoom

Length: 1hour and 30 mins

Size: 25 participants per workshop 


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Advocates Programme for Allies


How can we help?

Want to learn more about our approach and how we can help your organisation foster diversity and inclusion, contact us and to find out more, with our friendly and approachable team.

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Case Study: How FiTT are tackling racism

FiTT sought the support of YSYS to help them understand what inclusive leadership is, and how to be champions of equal rights. We delivered a 1.5-hour training session on Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion.

We designed and delivered a tailored workshop for the company to take them through diversity, inclusion, and equity with an anti-racist lens. We also explored theories such as unconscious bias, allyship, privilege, and how to best handle difficult conversations in the workplace.  



To help you get started

Explore our range of community curated resources to support you in taking the first step towards fostering diversity and inclusion

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Diversity Data Help Centre

A community-sourced library of resources to support organisations collect diversity data of their employees or founders. 

by: YSYS Advocates Community

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Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Canvas

Our Diversity and Inclusion Action
Plans Canvas, is a tool to support
mission-driven organisations create and co-design their D&I strategy.

by: YSYS Team

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