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Launch and grow your startup 


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 Choose the right programme for you

Helping you launch your ideas and scale

Got an idea, but not sure where to go next. Start with YSYS. We can help you get your startup off the ground with our on-demand videos, ecosystem programmes, investor office hours, and supportive community  Here’s how it works:


  • Online accelerator: Enroll on to FoundersDoor, our free digital library of highly curated video classes taught by diverse domain experts in the European startup ecosystem

  • Ecosystem programmes: Apply to industry-specific programmes from our ecosystem partners to help you accelerate your startup with access to mentorship and funding 

  • Community Campus: Work from our community campus, bring your ideas and launch your startup in the center of Canary Wharf

  • A supportive community: Build relationships with people who have shared values, and support each other throughout your journey




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The perfect training ground for every ambitious founder


What the community is saying about us


Boris, Founder of Baselime

"I joined YSYS in early 2019, I was just starting off my career in tech and I just moved to London. I have since grown into my career and launched multiple products on the side, and, as a matter of factly, I wouldn't have reached these goals without the support of the YSYS community.


From the very first event I attended on career development, to the opportunities with VCs and angel investors, plus the vibrant slack community, the work the YSYS community does is truly outstanding."

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Dama, Partner, BGV

Yemi, Cofounder of Herby Box

"I simply love the YSYS community - always helpful, full of inspiring people and opportunities.

I've had the chance to mentor on a number of YSY founder programmes, and I've been incredibly impressed by the YSYS Team in the care they took to make the programme inclusive, accessible and a fantastic learning opportunity for young founders. 


Being part of the YSYS community has definitely helped my understanding of the barriers and challenges faced by underrepresented founders and in turn helped shape how we can create an inclusive and better process for founders to get access to capital, including receiving investment from BGV"

"I’ve been part of the YSYS community for nearly two years. During this time I’ve had the amazing privilege to be a mentor on the founders programme helping teams with their value propositions and also pitch techniques.

I’m currently building Herby Box, a D2C wellness brand that matches herbal blends to health and wellbeing goals ... and without sounding dramatic, the support from YSYS and the community since I quit my job to launch my startup  has been incredible."

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