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 Launch and grow your startup with YSYS

The perfect training ground for very early founders to put their startup in order and prepare for a full-time accelerator or the first investment round.


FoundersDoor Library

Start building today

Got an idea, but not sure where to go next? We can help you get your startup off the ground with our expert-led videos. 


FoundersDoor Library is a free digital library of highly curated video classes taught by diverse domain experts in the European startup ecosystem.


The library collection covers key topics that equips you with practical insights and actionable steps to accelerate your startup success, whether that’s validating a startup idea, raising investment, or scaling up growth, we have 100+s of video content to help you to start building your startup today


Join our online community and never miss an opportunity

Sign up to our online Slack Community, connect with fellow founder,s and be the hear of events, programmes, and office hours to help you launch, grow and scale your startup. One email a week; subscribe and take your startup to the next level. 


Founder  events and more

Develop the skills you need to launch, get to know investors personally and join fireside chats with seasoned founders. There’s something for everyone.

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