We’re connecting 100,000 diverse people with opportunities in tech by 2023

The future of our ecosystem depends on our diversity. 

Diversity has been proven to increase business performance by 20%. However, in the UK less than 9% of senior leaders in tech are from minority backgrounds. This is just one of many data points that highlights a wider issue: tech isn’t diverse enough, and it’s limiting business performance. 

The good news is, together we can solve this. 

Following the success of our breakout programmes FoundersDoor and TalentDoor, we’ve launched #YSYS2023: our bold mission to connect 100,000 diverse individuals to startup and career opportunities in tech. 


Combining the expertise of our diverse YSYS network, with the support of our partners, we’ll deliver programmes, workshops and online content to make this happen by 2023.

 Now, we need your help.

#YSYS2023 is only possible with the support of our partners: forward-thinking organisations that understand the future of tech depends on its diversity. 


We need you to partner with us as we deliver programmes, workshops and online content to change the face of tech. Join Innovate UK, the Mayor of London, Travers Smith, BP Ventures and many more and becoming a partner here. 

To find out how you can get involved email deborah@thisisysys.com and become a YSYS2023 Partner today.

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